Eye-mazing Facts: What Does Your Eye Color Says about You?

Contact lenses have undeniably become a trend in the market today. Aside from correcting many types of visual impairment such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, contact lenses are becoming popular among teenagers, fashion buffs, and even Hollywood stars as aesthetic devices that can transform your appearance either in a subtle or drastic way. Before cosmetic contact lenses were introduced, changing the natural hue of your eyes was unheard of. But today, we can easily change our eyes from brown to blue or blue to green and we have contact lenses to thank for that. However, before you get excited and have fun in changing your eye color, know first what your natural eye color says about you.

Black Eyes Contact Lens


You might find it quite surprising but people with black eyes are actually very rare to find. Usually, what we see or call as black eyes are actually just very dark brown eyes but whatever we call it, this eye color is often associated with the words mystery, night, and instinct. People with black eyes are believed to be trustworthy and dependable in everything that they do. They are also very secretive but with them your secrets are also very safe. They are reluctant in starting friendships and relationships because of trust issues but once you pass through their icy exterior you’d be amazed to find that they are very loyal.

Brown Eye Color


Brown is the most common eye color in world and it is a dominant one; people living in Asia and Africa have this kind of eye color. People with brown eyes are said to be very attractive and confident; they are also very simple, creative, and positive. They love making new friends and are always on the go to try new things. Considered as great lovers and very trustworthy, they are also independent, polite, and caring. These people would go out of their way just to make sure that you are happy and are even willing to sacrifice just to see their loved ones comfortable.

Green Eyes


Green has always been associated with rejuvenation and growth. People with green eyes are often compared to a gust of fresh wind; they are also very enigmatic. They are intelligent, curious and always on the go to discover something new and different. Having only one chance to live life, they also make sure that they live life to the fullest and not to regret about anything that they haven’t done. With a pair of unique eyes, they are always very attractive to look at. However, they tend to be very jealous even with little things but overall, they are very compassionate and vibrant about life.

Blue Eyes


Among the different eye colors, blue is actually the most desired color by anyone. With its attractive hue, people with blue eyes can easily stand out in a crowd. Blue-eyed people are very smart, kind, and sincere with everything they do. They are happy-go-lucky and they also wanted to make others happy even in their own little ways. People with blue eyes are peace-loving and when it comes to relationships, they always want to find a type of relationship that would last forever.

Aside from the mentioned colors, there are still other hues such as grey and hazel. It has always been said that the eye is the window to our soul; by simply gazing deeply into someone’s eyes it can tell you a lot of things. Just like the color of eyes, it has a lot of things to say about our personality.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Contact Lenses

Wearing Contact Lenses

When wearing contact lenses, the most important thing you should be conscious about is your hygiene. Always make sure that your lenses are well disinfected and your hands thoroughly clean while you are putting them on. Always wash your hands but make sure to avoid using oily or scented soaps and avoid applying any kind of hand moisturizers or lotions especially those that contain lanolin prior to wearing your contact lenses.

 Lens Storage Case

To avoid confusion or interchanging your contact lenses, it’s advisable that you should make it a habit to put on the first contact lens in the same eye. Aside from that, there are also other important things that you need to remember such as making sure that your lens storage case are as pristine as the lenses that you keep inside them. Eye doctors usually provide a detailed list of instructions on how to go about this. If you want your contact lenses to last as long as possible and your eyes safe from any infection, make sure to follow the guidelines provided by your eye care specialist.

Your contact lenses should remain sticky and moist at all times; otherwise they will lose their adhesive power. However, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to lick them or put them inside your mouth just to keep them moist. Your saliva has certain properties that don’t react well with the contact lenses’ composition. Also, never make the mistake of topping off the old solution that swimming inside your contact lens case. Throw out the old solution first before you replace it with several fresh drops. Reusing old solution defeats its purpose. While cleaning contact lenses, make sure to rub them before you leave them to soak in the solution. This is advisable even if you are using a “no-rub” solution.

 Contact Lens And Eyeliners

If you’re the type who wears makeup every day, protect your contact lenses from all the products that you use. Make sure that the tiny particles don’t stick to your lenses as they can irritate your eye. Put them on first before you apply makeup and avoid applying any product too closely to your eyeballs. Eyeliners that smudge easily should not be applied to closely to your waterline as they can mix in with your eyes natural fluids and can swim their way to your contact lenses.

Lastly, don’t forget to take them off before you sleep. No matter how tired you are, you should always exert enough energy to remove them from your eyes and put them back into their cases before you go to bed.

Make Up and Sun Protection: A Guide to Daily Contact Lens Wear

Overexposure To UV Light

Being exposed to excessive amounts of UV light is known to cause harm to people. However, apart from developing a potential risk for skin cancer, other purportedly harmful effects of the sun’s rays weren’t exactly made clear to us. If you didn’t know this already, our eyes are also in equal danger as our skin. Overexposure to UV light was among the main reasons why people developed a terrible eye condition known as photokeratitis. Exposure to too much UV light was also linked to the development of cataracts.

To protect our eyes, some contact lenses are built with a UV-blocking agent. Since you can’t really tell whether a pair of contacts has been protected with a blocking agent or not, you should ask your eye doctor or contact lens dealer about it. If you often find yourself out in the sun, getting this kind of contact lenses is a good idea. It helps protect the covered are of your eye from icky growths and formations such as pterygium and pingueculae. However, as they do not cover the entire area of the eye, they will not do as a substitute for sunglasses. Contact lenses with UV-blocking abilities should only be used for added protection.

Contact Lenses Built With UV Blocking Agent

If you wear contact lenses as well as make up on a daily basis, then it is important for you to make sure that no traces of the products you use can find its way into your contact lenses. As you noticed, your lenses are sticky and have the ability to catch any loose particle that may come its way. Now, since you wear them on your eyeballs, you wouldn’t want this to happen. That’s why, to avoid it, make sure to put them on before you paint your face with makeup. Also, before you put your contact lenses on, wash your hands first. Make sure it’s clear of any traces of lotions and moisturizers as they can stick to your lenses and may irritate your eyes.

Just to be extra safe, you can opt for products that are eye friendly and labeled as non-allergenic. If you are fond of using heavy eye makeup, you might want to switch to cream based eye shadow as they are less likely to stick to your lenses as powder based products.

Applying Eyeliner

Be extra careful when applying eyeliner. Don’t apply it too close to your eyes especially if the type of eyeliner you’re using smudges easily. And finally, when you are about to remove your makeup, make sure to take out your contact lenses first. As always, wash your hands thoroughly before you do so.

A Safety Checklist for Contact Lens Wearers

Wearing Contact Lens

Different people use contact lenses for different reasons. While most of the time it’s worn to enhance or correct vision, a number of colored and novelty contacts are also produced to cater to the needs of consumers who would like to wear them for their visual appeal. Whatever reason they might have for wearing contact lenses, the safety precautions remain the same. If you wear contact lenses yourself, then you should know by now how important it is to maintain them. To make them last as long as they should, you have to know how to clean and take care of them properly. Your eye doctor and contact lens dealer will provide you with a list of instructions regarding proper contact lens wear. However, if you need a little reminder, here’s a useful safety checklist for you.

As you may remember, you were required to visit your eye doctor for an exam in order to get a prescription so you can purchase a pair of contact lenses. This step is necessary regardless of your reason for wearing lenses. Now, if you have been wearing contact lenses for a long time, you might want to update your prescription. Your eyesight may have improved or deteriorated over time. So, if you want to get the most out of your contact lenses, make sure your prescription is correct and up-to-date. Apart from getting a prescription, you should also visit your doctor right away whenever you experience any intolerable discomfort, swelling and redness while wearing contact lenses.

 Visit Your Eye Doctor

Aside from getting an updated prescription, one of the most important rules in contact lens wear is to never share lenses with other people. Swapping novelty lenses may sound like a fun and practical idea since you get to try different looks without having to spend a dime. However, doing so is actually dangerous since it can promote the spread of bacteria. If that happens, you will be more prone to developing a range of potentially serious eye problems.

Putting On Contact Lens

Make sure to master the art of putting them on and removing them so as not to cause a lot of scratches in your eye. As a bonus, mastering the entire process also allows you to save more time in the morning before you go to school or work as well as in the evening before you go to bed. Finally, don’t forget to take them off before you go to sleep. Your eyes need to breathe in order to stay healthy and hydrated.

Halloween Contact Lenses – Buying Tips


As you prepare for Halloween and the various parties you plan to attend, you may already have paid a visit to your local Halloween store. During that visit, you probably saw a wide array of colored lenses in a variety of designs. You may even have seen a few lenses that would perfectly complement the costume you plan to wear at each party you’ll be attending. Before you make a purchase, though, it pays to take a few things into consideration.

A contact lens is a medical device. This is the first thing you need to bear in mind. Even if you plan to wear them for purely cosmetic reasons, you should never forget that they are classified as medical devices. This makes it necessary for you to secure a prescription from your eye doctor before buying a pair of contacts. It is also important for your eye doctor to get the measurement of your eyes to make sure your lenses fit properly.

You should get your contact lenses only from a trained eye care professional. Since they are medical devices, only trained professionals are qualified to give you a pair of lenses that fit your eyes perfectly. At the very least, you should get your contacts only from a seller who asks for a prescription. This usually means they have an eye care professional who will check your prescription and give you the right lenses. Note that sellers who do not ask for prescriptions usually have products that are not FDA-approved.

Your eyes get much of their oxygen supply from the atmosphere, instead of from your bloodstream, as most of your other organs do. When your eyes are covered by lenses that aren’t made of breathable material, their health may be compromised. You could suffer from a swelling of your corneas and from impaired vision. This is why it is important to trust only trained eye care professionals when it comes to the purchase and use of contact lenses.

If, after wearing contact lenses Halloween, you notice redness, pain, or unusual discharges in your eyes, be sure to contact your eye doctor immediately. The experience of wearing colored contacts at a social event may be temporary, but the consequences can be permanent unless you take the necessary precautions and act immediately in case of irritation or infection. Fortunately, there are now plenty of FDA-approved lenses for you to choose from. You can keep your eyes healthy while having the time of your life.

How to Prepare Before Hiring a Furniture Removalist When Moving Interstate

One of the most stressful aspects of moving interstate is the packing and transporting of belongings. It takes a lot of time and effort. Often, you will find yourself with not enough time to do everything properly. This is why it is a good idea to hire a furniture removalist. Good and reliable furniture removalists do the job with ease because it is what they are trained to do. You’ll not only save on time and effort, you’ll also save on money by investing on something that offers you a multitude of benefits.

As there are quite a lot of furniture removalists in Australia, it is important to know what to do before deciding to hire one.

To prepare yourself and make sure that you’ll be choosing the right removalist, talk to people who have hired one. Get customer feedback from them. Ask about their experiences. If you prefer to do your research online, you can always search for customer reviews about a particular removalist. You’ll be surprised to see a lot of people airing their good and bad experiences online. This will help you eliminate bad choices.

Another good way to prepare is by comparing the quotes of two or three furniture removalists. There are quite a number of good and reliable furniture removalists Brisbane choices that you can consider. Ask for a quote from each removalist in your list and compare their range of services offered, their rates, the additional services they provide (especially since you’re moving interstate), as well as the length of time it takes them to deliver.  Do not be afraid to ask questions, particularly about how they intend to transport your furniture to your new place. Some furniture removalists will even provide you with packing tips, including useful information about the right materials to use.


Choosing a furniture removalist that offers a wide variety of services is more convenient and practical. So, it is important to ask if they offer packing services, insurance, and temporary storage, among others.

It is likewise important to learn about the type of vehicles your chosen furniture removalist will use for interstate transport. This is one way of ensuring that your belongings are definitely in good hands. After all, aside from convenience, your reason for hiring a professional removalist is to make sure that your things arrive in your new place safe, secure, and in perfect condition.

Moving from one part of Australia to another is an exciting adventure. You can make it even better by hiring a professional furniture removalist to help you eliminate the hassle of transporting your belongings safely and efficiently.