Halloween Contact Lenses – Buying Tips


As you prepare for Halloween and the various parties you plan to attend, you may already have paid a visit to your local Halloween store. During that visit, you probably saw a wide array of colored lenses in a variety of designs. You may even have seen a few lenses that would perfectly complement the costume you plan to wear at each party you’ll be attending. Before you make a purchase, though, it pays to take a few things into consideration.

A contact lens is a medical device. This is the first thing you need to bear in mind. Even if you plan to wear them for purely cosmetic reasons, you should never forget that they are classified as medical devices. This makes it necessary for you to secure a prescription from your eye doctor before buying a pair of contacts. It is also important for your eye doctor to get the measurement of your eyes to make sure your lenses fit properly.

You should get your contact lenses only from a trained eye care professional. Since they are medical devices, only trained professionals are qualified to give you a pair of lenses that fit your eyes perfectly. At the very least, you should get your contacts only from a seller who asks for a prescription. This usually means they have an eye care professional who will check your prescription and give you the right lenses. Note that sellers who do not ask for prescriptions usually have products that are not FDA-approved.

Your eyes get much of their oxygen supply from the atmosphere, instead of from your bloodstream, as most of your other organs do. When your eyes are covered by lenses that aren’t made of breathable material, their health may be compromised. You could suffer from a swelling of your corneas and from impaired vision. This is why it is important to trust only trained eye care professionals when it comes to the purchase and use of contact lenses.

If, after wearing contact lenses Halloween, you notice redness, pain, or unusual discharges in your eyes, be sure to contact your eye doctor immediately. The experience of wearing colored contacts at a social event may be temporary, but the consequences can be permanent unless you take the necessary precautions and act immediately in case of irritation or infection. Fortunately, there are now plenty of FDA-approved lenses for you to choose from. You can keep your eyes healthy while having the time of your life.